Hello! I’m a UI/UX Designer and Developer based in Mumbai, India. I started writing little excerpts to express my self because I always had a hard time being open and vulnerable with people around me. Somehow journaling my deepest thoughts and personal experiences on the internet helps me figure out stuff, as well as connect with like minded people everywhere.

I am very much vocal about my own struggles of mental health and I am always looking forward to spread a little awareness, and let everyone know how common it is.

I love stories in each and every form- movies, books, series, fiction, non-fiction, you name it. It’s this love for stories that makes me want to write my own.

And if there’s one thing that keeps me going then it’s being creative. I draw and take pictures, they help me with my job and teach me how to be in the moment.

So, join my journey towards self love and acceptance, navigating through life, and carving my own path along with whole lot of love, creativity, and beautiful stories.