Book Review | Brief History of Time

I think I was 12 years old when my uncle gifted me a set of Encyclopaedia consisting of 3 DVDs about nature, the human body and our universe. The only encyclopaedia I couldn’t leave alone was “Our Universe”. It became a routine after school to spend hours learning about each and every planet. This fascination did stay with me for a long time.

I remember the first book I ever took out of college library was “The Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking”. 16 year old me without any prior knowledge of physics didn’t know what she was getting herself into. I abandoned that book after reading its first few pages. I came to a conclusion that this space thing is too tough for me and I gave up. Then several years later ‘The Big Bang Theory’ sitcom became a huge hit. The nerd in me got some validation and the curiosity for this book reignited. So after a long time, I finally managed to get my hands on it.

Stephen Hawking has done an incredible job in including every important science theory into one book. I feel somewhat smart but mostly dumb after reading it. I have nothing but mad respect for physicists now. It’s fascinating to read about something so infinite, and vast that reminds you how insignificant you and your worries about daily life are. But it also makes you feel fortunate to be a part of the intelligent life form on our planet. Hawking’s philosophical questions about God when it comes to the creation of the universe are intriguing and being an agnostic person I agree with it.

Now to rate this book:
This is not an easy read at all. There’s a lot of physics and a little bit of chemistry in it and if you don’t come from a science background you’ll give up this book instantly. I had to drag myself to complete it. There are topics that Hawking explains in layman terms but some of them he assumes we know them already. It was like learning physics all over again. I had to Google so many topics to understand what was going on that it took me a month to read it. Maybe it’s because I’ve studied physics for just two years almost a decade back and I hardly remember anything now. Sadly, this is the biggest disadvantage of this book.

I will round it up to 4 stars.

If not the book you can always watch this amazing movie “Theory of Everything” which is based on the life of Stephen Hawking. I assure you, that it will not only leave you inspired but also with a ton of admiration for this man.

And if you decide to read this book then maybe, maybe, you’ll understand half of the things Sheldon blabbers in The Big Bang theory.

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