Coming-of-age movies that changed me

Few days back I wrote on my Instagram about my favourite genre in movies.

Well nobody asked, but here are my most favourite coming-of-age movies that has supported me in my dark times and has helped me become the person I am today.

The Breakfast Club

Society is going to stereotype you, put you in a box. It doesn’t has to be this way. There’s no one single thing that can define you. There will always be more to you than what people can see. 

The Perks of being a Wallflower

You can be a shy introvert, you can suffer from a mental disorder but you’re more than that. Life is more than that. You have every right and chance to change your life. It doesn’t has to be a sad story. 

Spectacular Now

You can avoid your responsibilities so you won’t make a mistake, you can push people away so they won’t hurt you, you can keep living in denial but sometimes you have to accept that there is going to be a tommorow and a day after tomorrrow, and many more days, and take a step forward to change them for better.



You’re going to fuck up (literally). You’re going to make mistakes that can potentially ruin your life, but you can always choose to stand up for yourself and for your decisions even though they don’t fit our societal norms. 


Boyhood movie is for guys, what Ladybird is for me. You might not have good relationship with your parents, with your differences, perspectives, opinions, but someday you’ll learn to understand why they are the way they are and accept it. Oh! And make some more mistakes in between. 

Call Me by Your Name

What’s a bigger life lesson than a heartbreak? It teaches you so much about ourselves, the world around us and human existence.

Dead Poets Society

You don’t have to pursue what everyone is, you can choose a path less traveled and not follow the herd. You can always dare to be extraordinary. All you need is a little courage and the rest would be history.


I cannot tell you enough how visually pleasing and funny this movie is. It made me realise that you cannot fix everything, you can try, but most of the times you have to let go and wait life to unfold itself.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

This movie gave me huge validation about all the shit I have done in my teenage years (she does far worse). Sometimes forgiving yourself and starting new is the only option.

Good Will Hunting

Something inside you seems to be healed when Robin Williams keeps repeating, “It’s not your fault”, because what happened to you when you were a kid is never your fault. You can have the ability to change the world but you can always choose to change your world instead.

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