10 reasons why girls cant code

I was always good with Maths, Science, Quizzes and Logical thinking. So when I discovered coding, it was an instant connection and I knew I had found something I can do all my life. Little did I know that stereotypically, girls and computers aren’t a good combination.

Almost all of your male colleagues look at you as some frail, dumb, dismissive being who needs to be mansplained, in need of constant help and favors to do her job just because of your gender. So yeah, I guess gender is very important when it comes to coding and unfortunately, girls and coding is just not mean to be. Here’s why:

1. First things first, how do I type with these long perfectly manicured nails? And what if one if it broke? That would be the end of my freaking world.

2. So are you telling me I cannot ask a guy next to me to do all my work? But aren’t all guys meant for that?

3. Oh god, please! Do you really expect me to understand what to do with my laptop other than using FB and YouTube?

4. I probably need my dad/boyfriend by my side. Writing a code is not easy. Taking all these decisions by yourself like which loop to use and what goes where! I’ve never done that in my life.

5. With all my mood swings and crying for major reasons like chipping off a nail how am I supposed to code? You tell me? Is that even worth it?

6. And don’t even get me started on being on periods. I can’t even handle my own body at the moment and you throw at me thousand lines of code? Are you even human?

7. You mean to say I am supposed to use my brain here? Do girls even have one? Now you tell me that!

8. Coding is truly a men’s profession. You cannot expect women to spend hours in front of a computer. Everyone knows a woman’s place is in the kitchen or in the beauty parlor.

9. I’ve been told again and again that women should have a simpler career where she can be able to manage her house and her children and then if there is some spare time, her work.

10. Anyway, even if a girl starts coding nobody would take her seriously. Almost every guy would be busy mansplaining her and taking her for granted. So yeah, why bother!
Ps: Sarcasm alert!


5 thoughts on “10 reasons why girls cant code

  1. Hmmm….seeing the title…I disagreed….and visited to check if my points can convince you that….girls too can code…..but then your points had overpowered my strength to oppose….and at the end….even seeing the tag at the last….I agree….!


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